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Emotional Clearing Method

ECM can be used to release limiting beliefs, attachment to negative emotions, and stuck traumas. 

What is ECM? 

Emotional Clearing Method™ (ECM) is an alternative therapeutic emotional clearing technique developed by Dr. Rachel Eva Dew, the founder of IWA. ECM is an advanced integrative life coaching technique that draws on various modalities and theories of neuroscience, mental health, life coaching, and alternative therapies, including neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), hypnosis, hypnotherapy, Mind-Body Medicine, and cognitive behavioral therapy. The foundations of ECM stem from neuroplasticity research and current research on emotions and beliefs effects and interconnection on biology.


ECM was developed after years of research and training with different modalities. It works with your brains neural pathways to release negative psychological patterns and connections to limiting beliefs and negative emotions that block many of us from moving forward in freedom. 

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